Video Illusions, worked closely with GLS and HSL o deliver an outstanding lighting and video design for the Sector 6 stage. Sector 6, the brainchild of Dan Borg was an enormous brand new stage and performance area a the 2016 Boomtown Fair in the UK.

Video Illusions supplied 355 panels of their new high res IP rated VI-L6 LED product giving 5500 Nits of brightness, which even with the lucky Boomtown sunshine blazing, still punched through with the fabulous steam punk animations.

A Resolume media server with 6 full HD outputs was used for control and with its new advanced mapping feature each section of LED could be mapped pixel by pixel.

The server’s new DXV 3 codec offered smooth and seamless playback for running the special nightly AV show allowing the technicians to mix back-to-back when VJ’ing throughout the weekend.

Video Illusions also supplied video, cameras and projectors to Lions Den, Uptown Main stage, poco loco, Julian Hoelscher Arch and we also had an Irish Pub! Truly mind blowing stages by simply outstanding people.