Festival IMAGS

We provided full video production for the main stage at the west-country festival, Beautiful Days, with 30sqm of our IP rated VIL6 6mm LED, live-feed cameras and media server. The main stage video wall was made of a large central screen, flanked by two flown columns stepped forwards either side. This configuration created a great sense of depth and also allowed us and the performers to create unique custom video content. Prizes for creative screen use go to Public Service Broadcasting, Frank Turner, and of course, the festival organisers themselves, the Levellers.

For performers arriving without content, our expert camera operators were ready to fill in the pixels with a FOH camera, two pit-cams and a robo-cam on the downstage lighting rig. The four columns allowed multiple cameras to be shown simultaneously with our Resolume media server mixing the four feeds and allowing colour tweaking and other real-time effects to fit with each artist’s desired aesthetic.

The curation and atmosphere of Beautiful Days has garnered much praise over the years as a top ranking medium sized family festival. We’re thrilled to continue to be a part of show with such heart. With this year’s festival set to take place from the 17th – 19th of August, we’re looking forward to spending another top weekend in the Devon countryside.