In September we had the privilege of providing the LED screens and onsite camera footage for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series at the stunning Blue Lagoon in Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire, Wales.


Working with the team from, Video Illusions broadcast the camera feed and graphics from Red Bull, mixed with our own cameras (2 Sony EX-3s to provide onsite interviews) to our two 15 square metre VIL6mm LED screens. The screens were flown on truss both atop the 35m high cliffside overlooking the the diving platform and also in the breathtaking lagoon itself.


The build was far from straightforward; having to dig slate from the cliff-side to ensure a level building surface for the truss; needing to transport the truss, header-bars and LED panels by hand up the uneven cliff-side; and running over 1000m of power and data over the cliff edge to the screen itself. However, seeing the crystal clear, HD image in such a naturally picturesque setting was more than worth the effort.

During the event, we witnessed outstanding feats of athleticism from men and women diving from heights of up to 27m into the lagoon, mixed with live interviews with the divers and advertising content – all of which was broadcast live to the sell-out crowd on our VIL6mm LED screen.


Check out all the action on their website.

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