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Gravity Thailand – The Bangkok landing is one that will live on forever! An unbelievable event.

The following post from Arcadia Spectacular sums it up perfectly.

A truly magical night of unity, connection, and unforgettable energy in Bangkok.

All the threads came together in spectacular style – from the performances, to the 220 K sound system running at full blast, to the pulsating intensity and deafening crowd noise that kicked in during the Landing Show , to the chaos outside as BBQ’s sprang up on the crowded streets and people climbed on cars and buildings for a view. And the profoundly special moments of shared experience on the dance floor that brought us all together as one under a Thai sky.

bankok1We have been blown away by the hospitality and the positivity since the Spider put his first foot down on Thai soil – from the unbelievable Gravity Thailand crew, to 3000 families from the nearest village who joined us for rehearsals, to an incredible crowd that swept us away with their spirit – every hand in the air, feet barely touching the ground and every face alight with emotion.

Last night saw that peak into something that totally surpassed spectacle – one of those timeless connections that never stop inspiring.

Can’t stop gushing – that was epic. Immense love to Gravity who made all this happen and massive, massive love to everyone who came last night and made it so breathtaking.

Great to see our UK family representing so hard too – absolutely wicked. The first chapter of the Spider’s international adventures has now been written.

Pictures from Charlie Raven Photography.

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